Wellness Mondays: How to find balance in chaotic city living


Living in a big city comes with the good and the bad. The best parts are how much we have available to us at all times of the day – the convenience and the constant new things to try are the best parts of living in a city. However, if we don’t manage our time right, it also means that our wellness will take a toll.  Studies suggest that city populations have higher rates of mental illness than rural ones. In fact, urbanites have a 21% increased risk of developing an anxiety disorder and a 39% increased risk of having a mood disorder compared with residents of rural areas, according to a 2010 study. Since some of us might not completely want to get out of the city, here are a few ways to make you manage life in the big city.

  • Escape The City

The only way to survive living in a city as congested as New York City is to leave for long weekends. There are a ton of small towns close enough to the city will take only like a couple of hours to get to – for example, Hudson, Catskills, and even the Hamptons! No matter what city you live in, take time to research smaller towns right outside, it will make a world of a difference in your mental and physical wellness.

  • Meditate

Meditation is essentially the practice of controlling your thoughts and learning to be present even when you’re in a chaotic environment. The reason really works is because scientifically endorphins also act as a means of reducing stress levels in the brain; so by meditating you can stop worrying about the little things in life and concentrate on the exploration of yourself and the promotion of positive feelings. Doing this daily will help you deal with the stress of living in a city.

  • Say No More Often 

Living in a city means you have a ton of things to do! While is totally fabulous to have multiple events a week, after a while, it definitely starts to wear you down. So maybe try to only say yes to events and after-work commitments that you know will matter.

  • Make Time To Exercise

Making time to exercise is important because it’s a great way to release stress during the week and take time “out” from your daily routine. We don’t know many people who don’t feel good after a workout!? Getting to the gym might be the difficult part but once you’re there, you feel so good!