Wellness Mondays: How To Make Your Hotel Room More Wellness-Friendly


After disembarking a plane full of coughing and sneezing passengers, you may look forward to settling into your hotel room, safe from germs! Well, so you think! Did you know that hotel rooms can be a hotbed for germs? Of course, some are better than others. While most hotels are lovely, there’s only so much that can be done in rooms where literally hundreds of people sleep, shower etc… But, regardless of how clean a hotel looks, we recommend you disinfect surfaces before spending a lot of time touching them, and particularly if they’re going to eat off them.  Here are other ways you can keep your hotel more “wellness-friendly”:

  • Pack a sleeping kit: Bringing a few items that will help you relax and remind you of your home. I always bring the Naturopathica Passionflower Sleep Tincture, earplugs, a sleep mask, and comfy sleep wear!
  • A meditation book and tea: Starting or ending my day with a book and a cup of tea is calming and sets the tone for the day. We advise you to take a book that will help you get centered.
  • Pack a candle: Do you have a favorite candle that you light at home? Well buy a miniture size and take it with you! We love when our hotel rooms remind us of a familar scent. 🙂
  • Buy greens and water: I know it sounds obvious – but how many times do you find yourself without enough water to drink in your hotel room? Before you get settled, find a local shop and buy green juices, healthy snacks, and water! This will stop you from craving sugary food and drinks.
  • Open a window (if you can!): Poor air quality – caused by toxic cleaning products, paint, and furniture – can lead to headaches and fatigue, according to Chopra. Improve the circulation in the room by opening a window if possible, and inviting in fresh air.

Do you have any wellness practices that work for you when traveling? Share them with us below!