Traveling is one of the best things we can ever do. It expands our knowledge about the world and makes us better people. So as you are getting ready to travel today, we want to encourage you to travel like a local this summer because what’s better than that?  Next time your travels take you abroad, step off the beaten path and spend as much time as you can live like a local.

Here are five ways to travel like a local this summer:


  • Stay with locals: Years ago staying with locals was a rare thing to do and hard to plan but now with Airbnb, you have no excuse! Renting a room in someone’s home, at least for your first few nights, is a great way to meet locals and experience life in a new place. If you want to travel like a local, start your journey by staying with locals. Hotels offer comfort and luxury, but staying in someone’s home allows you to experience first-hand authentic life in a new place.
  • Walk or use local transportation: If you want to travel like a local, observe how people get around. Is everyone walking? Is there a metro or train everyone takes? Are you in a bike-friendly city? 
  • Find ways to connect: Make an effort to start friendships with locals like you would at home. But remember to be cautious and not share too much from the beginning!
  • Try all the food: Food is the gateway to learning about cultures around the world. Ask locals for their favorite restaurants, visit the local markets and mom and pop restaurants that you usually wouldn’t find in a travel book.
  • Don’t have too many expectations:  Allow yourself to have unexpected experiences – trust me, many of the best and most memorable travel experiences have been unplanned!