Redo your brew: Eco-friendly beer brewing

by Guest Writer

It’s beer season! Just kidding, every season is beer season, but it is National Beer Day!

We’ve explored vegan friendly beers, gluten free beer and liquors, but we thought we’d dig a little bit deeper into the world of cold, refreshing beverages.

We’re talking eco-friendly beer, from the east coast to the west coast and all in between. What is it? Does it even exist? Let’s find out!



Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)

Brooklyn Brewery, located in Brooklyn, NY, relies solely on sustainable wind power to energize the warehouse.  They also recycle hot water to save energy and produce recyclable bottles and cans!



Full Sail Brewing (Hood River, Oregon)

Full Sail Brewing company is a huge advocate for water conservation, reducing their yearly water consumption to about 4.1 million gallons less in the past couple of years. Don’t believe it? They offer an entire video about the techniques of their brewing methods, which you can watch here.


New Belgium Brewing Company (Fort Collins, Colorado)

New Belgium Brewing Company, a brewery you may be more familiar with, works with every bottle brewed to reduce their carbon footprint more and more. From water conservation to diverting around 99% of waste, they are getting the job done!


Listed above are just a few of our favorites. What’s your favorite eco-friendly beer? We’d love to try it out!

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