National Fast Food Day: Redefining Fast Food

by Guest Writer

Today is National Fast Food Day! Are you celebrating with a large fry and burger? We’re…not.

Did you know that around 44 percent of people in the United States report eating out at least once a week. We’re not here to bash eating out, it can be fun and delicious, when it’s with the right ingredients and recipes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include popular fast food chain McDonald’s, which sells around 75 hamburgers per second.

Fast food means one thing: food that you can get, and eat fast. But why is it that so many (the majority) of fast food options out there are filled with chemicals, MSG, and other unhealthy ingredients? We want to redefine fast food by making our own fast food at home. Still fast, still food, but minus the unhealthy additives.

Meal Prep

The number one way to have “fast food” at home is to prep, prep, prep. We all live busy lifestyles, and it’s difficult to have things in order when you don’t prepare. Try picking a day during the weekend, or beginning of the week, to prepare all of your food for the week. **Disclaimer: load up on reusable tupperware, glass jars and containers.


Picking the ingredients

A common misconception people have about fast food, is that the idea of the fast food is bad. For example, because french fries are offered at fast food chains doesn’t mean all french fries are bad! There are plenty of all natural, healthy french fry recipes that will satisfy your carb deficit for the day, while still keeping your sodium and fiber in check. Using high quality ingredients to make your meals is going to benefit you in the long run.


Portion control

I’m definitely one to say that when it comes to french fries, there’s no such thing as portion control. (Can you tell how much I LOVE french fries?) But, unfortunately, portion control is a huge factor when it comes to “fast food,” even when at home. Try finding the right balance of what’s going to fill you up, and what’s going to satisfy you. Craving homemade french fries? Make some! Just be sure to add other nutrients to your “fast food” meal. Prepare a heart salad, with some sort of protein along with those fries and call it a day!


How do you define fast food?

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