Ahhhh the Big Apple. While the NYC nickname may sound like a healthy haven, most people visiting this world famous city for the first time tend to do a big blowout binge on some of the less healthy options the New York has to offer. While we all love a good soft pretzel, side-street hot dog, or freak-shake here and there, New York City has a lot more to offer than just that. Here are a few of our favorite healthy spots you NEED to hit up on your next trip to NYC.

1. Bar Verde: Created by Matthew Kenney, Bar Verde brings restaurant goers plant-based Mexican cuisine with hints of flavors from Latin America. Guests are treated to an array of sharing plates, including variations on guacamoles, ceviches, classic chips and salsa, a taco menu, unique and custom main course options, as well as an extensive list of organic and sustainable tequila and mescal cocktails. Located in the East Village, this option has delicious food as well as a warm, casual, and fun environment.

2. Rawsome Treats: So you want a healthy dessert, huh? Well, look no further than Rawsome Treats. In 2013 Watt Sriboonruang, a Muay Thai champion, founded Rawsome Treats—a raw dessert boutique based in NYC. While the original intention of this new venture was to satisfy her sweet tooth without hindering her athletic performance, the deliciousness of Rawsome Treats has grown to show people that indulgence doesn’t always equal decadence or guilt, but can be healthy and delectable. With everything from pies, to cheesecakes to “Tirawmisu,” this is one healthy joint you need to put on your New York bucket list.

3. Blossom: If you’re on the hunt for a great place for a fancy date night or just as a way to treat yourself, Blossom is the place for you. A vegan restaurant in NYC that was established to bring vegan dining to a fresh new level, Blossom uses fresh organic ingredients that come from local farms and small distribution companies—all while remaining cruelty free. With their own take on everything from ravioli to “bacon cheeseburgers,” the quality of ingredients at Blossom is the real deal.

4. Inday: Let’s say you’re on the go but want a full meal to fill your belly. In that case, we recommend checking out Inday. Along the lines of an “Indian Chipotle,” Inday’s vast array of options will check every box your tastebuds have. With seasonal build-your-own bowls, there is virtually no way you will leave Inday unsatisfied.

5. The Poke Spot: Let’s be real, half the fun of food these days is the photos you get to post to Instagram after ordering. If you’re wanting to stay on trend with all the different food-crazes these days, then try checking out The Poke Spot. With three locations across the city, The Poke Spot provides guests with the freshest ingredients and uniquely crafted flavors to create the perfect poke bowl. With the ingredients based around fresh, whole foods, you’re sure to leave The Poke Spot filled to the brim with absolutely no regret.