Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes Perfect for On-The-Go


On our quest for a more sustainable world, it’s important to look at our daily lives and examine what small changes can be made to be more eco-friendly. One way to work towards a greener planet is by ridding your cabinets of the classic brown lunch bag. Though it seems like something so harmless, the effects of using one-use bags for lunch are detrimental. Converting tree wood to paper is a highly energy intensive process that requires large amounts of water, energy and chemicals, and can even release toxic chemicals into the air and water.

So rather than contribute to the damaging process that produces paper lunch bags, try investing in a reusable lunchbox! Not only will you be reducing paper and plastic waste, but you’ll be saving money and the planet all at once. Here are a few options that we absolutely love:



Bentgo Salad On-The-Go, $14.99: Perfect for big salads or bowls of pasta, the Bentgo Salad On-The-Go Container is perfect for preparing your lunch the night before. With one large container, meant for the base of your meal, and 4 separate compartments intended for snacks, dressings or toppings, this Bentgo box is the perfect option for those of us on the go! Best of all, Bentgo is a proud supporter of Feed the Children, and each purchase on their website helps the lives of children in America and around the world.


MonBento The Original Bento Box, $32.99: With two-tiered food compartments that are microwave and dishwasher safe, the MonBento Original Box is about as sleek as it gets. MonBento is BPA free and made from PBT, which is a high quality plastic known for its durability. It’s modern and sleek design will make your chicken and rice lunch look as gourmet as can be.




Fit and Fresh Greenville Meal Prep Bag with Portion Control Containers, $29.99: For those of you who are looking for a lunch bag rather than a lunch box, we recommend checking out the Greenville Meal Prep Bag Starter Kit with 6 Stackable Portion Control Containers. This adorable tote will make you feel like you’re walking the runway rather than walking to the communal kitchen. With an easy wipe lining and polyethylene foam to keep your food cool, this bag and container combo is way more stylish and sustainable than your old brown bags.


Smart Planet Collapsible Portion Perfect Lunch on the Go, $9.99: A silicone base box with four collapsible cups, the Smart Planet Collapsible Portion Perfect Lunch Box is an awesome option for keeping track of portion control and keeping your meals fresh. With it’s convenient design, the Smart Planet Lunch Box is easy to store and travel with, and is a super smart way to keep the planet green.



Cuppow BNTO & Jar Combo, $20.00: Keeping with the mason jar craze, Cuppow has a fresh take on the bento box, and created this unique and easily portable case that is perfect for snacks, cereals, salads or anything under the sun. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic, and free of BPA, phthalates and PVC, the Cuppow BNT & Jar Combo is as green as it gets.




HydroFlask Food Flask, 29.95: For anybody in a rush to get to work in the mornings, there’s no better option than the HydroFlask to store your breakfast or lunch. Able to keep soup hot, or smoothies cold, the Hydro Flask Food Flask is an awesome way to prepare overnight oats for the morning commute, or to bring a piping hot cup of soup for lunch without the fear of spills or stains. All HydroFlask bottles are BPA Free and Phthalate Free, and the company works closely with Parks for All to focus on building, maintaining, restoring and providing better access to public parks.