Easy Ways to Workout With Your Kids


Now that we’ve reached the unofficial end of summer, you might be wondering what’s the best way to keep your kids active during the school year.  An active family is a healthy family, so here are a few tips for working out with your kids.


Host a Dance Party

Invite their friends over for a fun themed dance party. Work with them to create a fun playlist. You can do this once a week to encourage your kids to be active with their friends, rather than sit around and watch TV or play video games.


Bike Riding

Riding bikes is a great family activity and a fun way to explore your neighborhood. Just be sure everyone in your family is wearing the proper helmet and safety gear.


Morning Walks

If you walk your kids to school, try leaving 10-15 minutes earlier to take a longer route to get in some morning exercise. If you drive, try parking further from their school and walking the rest of the way.


Autumn Chores

Get the entire family involved in outdoor chores this fall. Raking leaves can be a great workout. It helps build upper-body strength and can strengthen your core.


5K Charity Walk

There are many charities that host annual 5K walk/runs in the fall. Getting your kids to participate in this can be a fun way for them to be active while contributing to a greater cause.