When it comes to our kids, there are few things that burden us more than making sure we provide them with the healthiest lifestyle and food possible. As children are constantly growing, ensuring they are consuming the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients is essential to proper development and care. However, there are so many other things that we have to keep on top of, that sometimes meal prep can be burdensome and can result in added stress to our already overwhelming lives. That’s where meal subscriptions come in. Sure, you’ve heard of delivery services like HelloFresh or Purple Carrot, but where are the options for our growing kids? Well, we’ve found a list of the best and healthiest options available on the market that will make dinnertime faster, healthier and overall an easier and more enjoyable experience! Here are a few brands that specifically work to provide kids with meals that are properly nutritious and delicious:

1. Yumble: A weekly meal delivery service at an average of just $6.00 a meal, the goal of Yumble is to make mealtime stress-free for parents, and healthy and fun for your kids! After 2 years of recipe development, Yumble has worked to create classic kids meals into nutrient-dense delicacies that are fun to make, and more fun to eat. On average, Yumble saves you about an hour every day, and keeps your fridge stocked weekly. Rather than relying on frozen foods, these meals are made to be perfectly balanced and use only the freshest of ingredients. From pizza empanadas to creamy mac and cheese to taco-rific meals, there are so many options offered by Yumble that your kid will NEVER get bored!

2. Nurture Life: Working to provide kids of all ages and dietary preferences with delicious weekly meals, Nurture Box takes just about everything into account. All meals are made-to-order and are crafted specifically to fit your child’s nutritional needs based on their stage of development. Meals are delivered on a weekly basis in insulated boxes, and are ready for eating right away! Whenever you need a quick meal, just heat up your Nurture Life meal in the microwave or oven and serve it up to your child. Best of all, Nurture Life makes sure all packaging is safe for your family and environmentally sustainable. All packaging is BPA-free and recyclable, and jars and food-trays are refrigerators, freezer, microwave, and oven safe. With options for babies, toddlers, and kids of various ages, each meal is designed to provide your child with the nutrients they need. They even have seals of approval, signifying what meals are a “picky eater fav.”

3. Raddish Kids: If your goal is to get your kid more acquainted with the kitchen, then Raddish Kids is the subscription service for you. A combination of a cooking club, culinary lesson and mealtime solution all in one, this subscription service works to make cooking and sharing a meal fun for the whole family. When you receive your kit in the mail each month, it will have a unique theme that embeds math, science, geography, culture, and history into a culinary lesson. It also provides a grocery list so that you can easily shop for any supplies you may need, as well as recipe guides, activity cards, kitchen tools and dinnertime conversation starters. It has been proven in numerous studies that sharing a meal with your whole family can make a huge difference in the development of your child—so Raddish Kids takes it one step further by getting them involved and learning about cooking with the family.

4. Kidstir: Created by moms on a mission to raise children who have a healthy and happy relationship with food, Kidstir works to make food fun. They believe that by educating and empowering kids about food, they are better enabled to make smart and healthy choices in the future. In each monthly subscription box, Kidstir provides 3 step-by-step recipes covering all food groups, 2 kid-sized cooking tools and themed activity materials, a digital and printed shopping list, and 3 fun games and puzzles. To top it off, new subscribers get a special cookbook binder to collect all of your monthly recipes! With fun and exciting monthly themes such as “Hello Breakfast,” “Sandwich Shop,” “Spooky Celebrations,” and “Winter Wonderland,” your child is sure to be ecstatic about these fun and nutritious monthly goodies!