As this past Saturday marked the 17th annual National Adoption Day (NAD), we at eco18 thought we would take this opportunity to tell you more about this important day and how it impacts the lives of millions across the globe. National Adoption Day is a collective national effort to raise awareness of more than 110,000 children in foster care waiting for the opportunity to find permanent and loving homes. With over than 400 cities across the country participating, National Adoption day makes the dreams of more than 4,700 children come true during the celebration each year. This adds up 65,000 or more children having been adopted during National Adoption Day events since its creation in 2000.

Though there are millions of reasons one may choose to adopt a child, the people at National Adoption Day work tirelessly to remind the nation that choosing to adopt opens up opportunities and love to the children of the world who once thought those things unachievable. And not only does it benefit and change the lives of the children, but it gives the families that are created memories that could never have been achieved otherwise. From teaching your child how to ride a bike, to dropping your kid off at college, adoptions open up a world to children and adults that are built upon love, thankfulness, and an emotional connection that will forever tie you together as parent and child. Because, in the end, it’s not whether they have your eyes or your hair that matters—it’s whether they have your heart.

If you are considering adoption, here are a few myths that NAD has debunked:

MYTH: There are not enough loving families available who want to adopt children from foster care.

FACT:  A national survey commissioned by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and conducted by Harris Interactive in 2012 reveals that one in five American adults have considered adoption, and of those, 72 percent, or roughly 47 million Americans have considered adoption from foster care – more so than any other form of adoption, including private adoption of an infant or international adoption. The research indicates that there are many families interested in foster care adoption but that more needs to be done to find ways to connect these families with waiting for children. Through National Adoption Day, the Coalition puts a national spotlight on more than 110,000 waiting children in foster care in the hope that more people will take steps to adopt.

MYTH:  Adopting a child from foster care is expensive.

FACT: Actually, adopting children from foster care can be virtually free. Many agencies do not charge for the services they provide to families who are adopting a child from foster care. In addition, a growing number of companies and government agencies offer adoption assistance as part of their employee benefits packages, including time off for maternity/paternity leave, financial incentives, and other benefits. Congress has also made federal tax credits available for foster care adoptions to help offset required fees, court costs, and legal and travel expenses. In 2014, the maximum federal tax credit for qualifying expenses is $13,190. These types of benefits enable more families to adopt children from foster care into their homes.

MYTH: Children in foster care have too much “baggage.”

FACT: This is perhaps the biggest myth of all. Children in foster care are just like all children. They have the potential to thrive if given love, patience and a stable environment.

If you are interested in adoption, click the link HERE to view Adoption Guides from Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.