Why are Millennials Using Anti-Aging earlier than Older Women?


In the past few years, anti-aging skincare products– ranging from nightly serums, weekly face masks and even using creams that are infused with your own blood (learn more about MC1 blood cream here!) are taking the beauty industry by storm. Their best customers? Millennials, with one in five women saying they became concerned about wrinkles before even hitting their mid-twenties.

A poll conducted by Dermstore also revealed that 1 in 3 women under age 35 regularly use anti-aging products, and that 28% of women under 25 worry about wrinkles regularly. For women aged 25 to 34, this statistic increases to 42%.

So, why is it that Millennials are obsessed with anti-aging skincare right now? There are obviously tons of factors – with some women reporting that maintaining a daily skincare regiment gives them a better sense of control over their lives – providing a means for them to be proactive in shaping their future-selves. Others report that taking action toward developing healthier skin will allow them to use less makeup daily– as they would rather opt for a more natural look.

What may be of concern, though, is the growing cultural emphasis on sustaining a “perfect” appearance at all times – and the desire to boost the longevity of this with these products. With an increased emphasis on appearance and endless exposure to social media posts constantly telling women what they should look like – the result pushes the beauty standard even higher. In fact, according to the New York Post, Millennials are even more likely than older women to admit that they would consider getting plastic surgery in order to fight off signs of aging.

To note the generational shift – women aged 55 and older reported that, on average, they didn’t start using anti-aging products until they were 47. In contrast to this, Millennials aged 25-35 reported that they started using anti-aging products at age 26.

Of course, there is also more accessible information regarding the benefits of proactive skin-care than there was in the past – with dermatologist Alicia Barba noting that sun damage begins to show up in your early 30s, because the skin’s ability to repair itself weakens. Barba recommends using particular anti-aging skincare products, such as Estée Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme anti-aging eye gel and Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash, beginning in your 20s. She notes that it is beneficial to take early action when it comes to positively impacting your skin’s future health.

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