Wellness Mondays: Bali Retreats That Will Change Your Life


We all love a good retreat escape but we are pretty sure that as far as retreat location; it doesn’t get any better than Bali.  It’s a location that evokes a certain mood and state of mind.  Bali has everything we could ever want for retreat far away from our busy lives: warm people, stunning scenery, beautiful temples, white sand beaches, picturesque mountains and a slower pace that will center you the minute you step foot in it.


Escape Heaven 

  • This all-female wellness retreat will make sure guests return home feeling more radiant, empowered and fit. Women can sign up for seven days of fun and healing, with activities ranging from surfing, yoga, meditation, spa, detox, fitness, and cultural activities.

Como Shambhala Estate

  • Como hotels are known for exceptional luxury – and this location is no exception to the rule.  The staff at Como take care of every single thing their guests need for healing, from dieticians, dedicated yoga teachers, to experienced therapists, they ensure a personalized approach to ensure results. On top of that, guests can also enjoy their stay in one of the gorgeous retreat villas or suites perched up the gorge of the sacred Ayung River and tucked inside the lush rainforest.

Zen Resort Bali 

  • The Zen Resort consists of a wellness retreat, stress release, slimming and creative rehab, to zen diving; guests are guaranteed a good time, physical healing, and spiritual rejuvenation. Along with all of this, guests also receive various traditional and ancient healing practices across the world, including Chinese medicine, herbalism, Ayurveda, and more!

OMunity Bali

  • Different from the others mentioned here – this retreat is focused more on educating visitors about sustainability and the preservation of nature in Bali. Through food, culture, language, and way of living, tourist can get to know a new culture without destroying Bali’s greatest environment.