How to Prevent Germs while Traveling this Holiday Season


We love the holidays, but we don’t love traveling during them! Whether it’s going back to your hometown for some quality family time or escaping the cold for a hot-vacation getaway, traveling during this time of year can surely be a mess. With all the hustle and bustle, stress, and cold weather – plus traveling amongst thousands of other people – it’s easy to spread germs and wear down your immune system – and is there anything worse than being sick on vacation? Here are some tips to help prevent germs while traveling this holiday season!

1.Pack a Wellness Kit in your Carry-On

Did you know that, according to a study in the Journal of Environmental Health Research, you may be 100 times more likely to catch the flu or cold on a plane than you would be in your everyday life? Flu and cold season directly overlap with the holidays – so it’s important to take precautions by packing key vitamins and supplements to help boost your immune system. Vitamin C (especially EmergenC packets), cough drops, Echinacea (in supplements or tea form), and taking supplements of glutathione – the body’s master antioxidant – (learn more about Setria glutathione supplements here) can help boost immunity, detox your body and help fight back against dangerous germs and toxins.

2.  Stop to Sanitize 

Sure, traveling can expose you to new places and cultures, but it also exposes you to millions of germs – especially when traveling by air. Germs carrying infectious strands can easily be spread by touching the kiosk, sitting on the seats at the gate or plane, or even touching the doorknob to the bathroom. Make it a priority to always carry a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer with you. I personally love Elyptol’s spray hand sanitizer. Made with eucalyptus oil, Elyptol’s products are anti-microbial, meaning they kill a wider range of germs. Their sanitizers leave your skin feeling fresh and protected! Check it out here!

3.  Drink Up!

Did you know flying can actually make you more dehydrated? The air on a plane is extremely dry, causing dehydration since body fluids are depleted during respiration, which can make your body more vulnerable to germs.  It’s important to load up on the H2O when traveling, as it helps flush out germs, viruses, and harmful toxins out of your body while boosting your immune system!

4. BYOP – Bring Your Own Pillows

Traveling with your own pillows, pillowcases and sheets can drastically help reduce the amounts of germs spread by others. Even at 5-star hotels, you never know how well, or when, the sheets or pillow cases were washed before you, or if the last person using them was sick. To be safe and prevent the spread of germs, it’s best to pack your own to make sure what you’re sleeping on is freshly washed and clean!

5. Sharing Isn’t Always Caring 

Be wary of sharing food and drinks with others- especially when flying. While it’s nice of your friend to offer if you want some of what their sipping or snacking on during the flight, this could easily spread germs and viruses. This, on top of sitting next to others in a tight, enclosed plane for hours, is a breeding zone for germs and viruses. Say thanks, but no thanks!

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays!