How To Donate Unwanted Goods


Sadly, it’s almost time to start packing away summer. But before you toss those unwanted clothes and items in the garbage, here are a few tips on how to easily donate your unwanted goods.


Try on all clothing before storing for the winter.

Before packing up your summer clothing, set aside an hour to try on all your summer clothing before putting them away. If you have children, have them try on all clothing as well they grow quickly and may not fit into their clothing next year. As you begin to pull out your fall clothing, try on those items as well. Getting rid of clothing can be a great excuse to go shopping for new items!


Don’t over think it.

If you haven’t worn or used an item in the past six months, it may be time to say goodbye. It can be hard to give away items, but holding onto items you don’t uses takes up unnecessary space. It also means having more things to clean and organize each time you tidy up.


Find a Reputable Charity.

There are many reputable charities out there that will accept your unwanted goods. Do some research, depending on your city, you will be able to find ones that support great causes such as cancer, civil rights, education and children. Many of these charities also offer convenient pick up services that you can schedule and simply place your bags outside your home to be picked up.