Did you know that coffee is the second largest international commodity? Crazy, right?! Well this fact brings up other issues – like who is meeting these demands? And what kind of labor regularities have been put in place to meet such ? These are all important questions because wouldn’t you want your coffee fix to come from a coffee farm that supports their farmers by providing great wages and working conditions?

These are 5 Fair Trade coffee brands have made it an integral part of their mission to develop fair, mutually beneficial partnerships by employing Fair Trade and Direct Trade practices with the farmers who cultivate their crops.

  1. Conscious Coffees : Is a certified B Corporation that buys only certified organic Fair Trade coffee grown on small  family farms that are collectively self-organized into cooperatives. Their mission is to create long-term relationships with their growers, customers, and the environment.

2.   Allegro Coffee : You might recognize this brand from Whole Foods because is their household brand! Allegro  promotes organic growing methods and abide to fair trade regulations by paying their farmers a fair wage and great working conditions.

3.   Pura Vida Coffee: Pura Vida was one of the first brands to sell exclusively Fair Trade coffee and hold certifications for Shade Grown and Organic practices across its products. Even more amazing is the education and health initiatives they have for the communities they work in.

4.  Devocion Coffee: This coffee is probably one of our favorites because the blend is delicious and the coffee company as a whole really connects you to the farmers in Colombia. The Devocion team developed long-term relationships with farmers, paying above fair trade while establishing social and environmental programs to help secure their future. Their mission is to bring progress and pride to the coffee producers in the regions that have suffered for so long in Colombia’s long-standing armed conflict.

5.  Stumptown RoastersStumptown employs direct trade sourcing which means they put their focus on developing relationships and transparency (you can read about their producers online). Stumptown products and attention to detail carries the commitments of a company that is making the world a better place.