6 Eco-Friendly Pacts We Made with Our Siblings

by Rachel Collins

Today is National Sibling Day and of course, we found a way to spin it to benefit the planet! Our team has taken to their siblings and challenged them to a lifetime pact that helps our planet. We challenge you to take the pact to a sibling, a friend or a coworker and see how long you can make it! No matter how big or small…every effort makes a difference.

Sue’s pact: My brother lives in England and the UK, like most of Europe is way more eco-conscious that we are in the US. They were certainly recycling their garbage long before we were. But, as we have seen from many shocking videos, that is having little impact as plastic is choking our oceans. We both live on islands and we both love the ocean, so my pact with him to better our planet is to get plastic out of our lives. A tall order I know, but it’s necessary to make the effort, there’s just so much unnecessary plastic in our lives – just think about this, plastic that is made today will still be here in 500 years!

Giselle’s pact: With the pressure attached to organizing different occasions to bring family together, I very frequently was left alone to clean the dishes and leftovers when the party was over. When I found very cute dishes, utensils and glasses -all made of plastic- I didn’t think twice and started using them to make my life easier. Knowing what I know nowadays about how we all in way or the other have endangered our planet, this Sibling’s Day I want to make a pledge to my sister that moving forward I will always use reusable tableware in our gatherings. And will always get everyone to help before leaving!

Rachel’s pact: Growing up, my family has always been big on recycling. Once I moved away to other cities and towns, I realized how many cities, towns, neighborhoods, and even apartment buildings can make it difficult to recycle due to laws and infrastructure. Now that my sister, brother, and I are out of our parents house, making a commitment to recycling has been getting harder and harder. It’s no longer easy, it’s a choice we have to make every day. This National Siblings day, I challenge my sister and brother to recycle every day, especially when it’s not convenient. And as the middle child of the family,  I think I can sway them both to my side 😊

Michael’s pact: This year my sister and I decided to try some less toxic ways to clear our homes. We stocked up on Norwex, which uses microfiber cloths for towels, mops and window wipes. They require no cleaning fluid whatsoever, so we just are cleaning our surfaces dry or with water! I was skeptical at first but so far it’s working out great. 

Sara’s pact: Growing up, my family and I always used plastic water bottles around the house – drinking about 3-4 per person a day! Not only did this accumulate a ton of plastic waste, but there were so many better, eco-friendly options that wouldn’t have had such a negative impact on the environment. This Sibling Day, my brothers and I have made a pact to consciously use reusable, stainless steel water bottles! Over Christmas I got my whole family Hydro Flask’s, and so far, so good!

Juliette’s pact: I have a younger brother who doesn’t necessarily stay in the loop on all the latest environmental trends, so I try to inform him as they come. Living in different states makes it hard for me to know if he is putting them to use so for this National Siblings Day I have proposed a pact to both promise to bring reusable bags to the market and bags to carry fruits and veggies. An article was recently released touching upon the plastic fruits and veggies bags in markets. Although they are a massive waste of plastic, they are essential to shield these foods from creating and gaining bacteria from the conveyor belts and carts. In order to keep your food safe reusable bags must be used.