Father’s Day Gift Guide

Have you gotten your dad a gift yet? If not, let us help you narrow it down.
Whether he likes outdoor activities, traveling, or just lounging around the house, there is a perfect gift for every type of dad. We have selected our top 5 dad gifts that are sure to be long-lasting.

Warby Parker Durand Sunglasses 

For the hip dad that is spending his summer in the sun, these Warby Parker shades are the perfect gift. The Durand frames have round lenses and a roomy fit, which are sure to make a sharp first impression. Warby Parker prides itself on using the finest materials that are made to last. These sunglasses are crafted from hand-polished cellulose acetate and feature scratch-resistance lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to support all his outdoor adventures. What sets this company apart is their free shipping and return policy. So, if your dad doesn’t think these shades are the perfect fit, he can swap them for one of their many other options. ($95) 

Away Dopp Kit 

For the traveling dad, this Away Dopp kit is a sure way to stay by his side when he is far from home. The Dopp kit keeps his toiletries tidy no matter where he finds himself next. The water-resistant bag is available in black, green and asphalt nylon ($45) along with a special edition navy leather for a higher price. ($129)

Outdoor Voices Cloudknit Sweatpants 

For the loungewear loving dad, these Outdoor Voices Cloudknit sweatpants are an absolute must. They are designed for casual activity. From watching sports to running around town, ensure your dad is in the softest sweatpants out there. Warning: he might never take them off. ($85)

Beats PowerBeats Pro

For the on the go, workout dad, these Beats PowerBeats Pro headphones are the #1 pick. With all the wireless headphone debate going on, these earbuds have been voted #1. They stay in your ear, have a great sound, and are incredibly light. Since Apple owns Beats, the pair is also embedded with Apple’s H1 chip, which makes connecting to your iPhone extremely simple. The earbuds have a volume button, which is excellent for runners, and you can also summon Siri with a simple “Hey Siri,” to put on a new song when your phone is farther than an arm’s length away. ($250)

Sleepy Jones Henry Pajama Set 

For all dads, Sleepy Jones makes the absolute best pajama sets. The company is founded on the belief that for centuries, artists, musicians, writers, and designers didn’t work and create in a suit and tie but rather something more comfortable. They took that idea and ran with it, creating classic fabrics in timeless styles. In today’s world, lounging is a luxury, so give him the perfect gift to do it in style while bringing out his authentic, comfortable self. The set includes the classic Henry shirt with a pair of Marcel pants in white or blue. If you are looking to customize this gift, we recccomend stitchign his initials on the collar or pocket. ($198)

Juliette Baumann