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Getting the Good Fat from Peanut Butter

If you are anything like me you can’t get enough of the divine taste of peanut butter. Although as I have started to pay more attention to nutritional information I realized what I…


Natural Products Expo West 2014 — Our 18 Favs and a few more!

So, a record breaking 67,000 people attended this year’s Expo West in Aneheim, March 7-9. We can certainly believe it, having battled our way around 2,600 booths–we didn’t get to see them all,…

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Fancy Food Show Report: 2014 Food Trends

  Well, it was certainly nice to get away from the frigid New York cold and attend the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco for a few days. And what a show it…

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Natural Remedies For Dry Winter Skin

Dry, itchy, flaky skin is a common problem for most people throughout the harsh, cold winter season. There are many natural ways and eco-friendly products that you can use to help keep your…


November 18 Questions: Richard Demb, Founder AbesMarket.com

1. What is your name (and age)? Richard Demb, 36 2. What is your occupation? CEO and Co-Founder of AbesMarket.com, an online retailer for natural and organic living. I’m also a regular contributor…


Ancient Grains/Modern Chocolate

Chocolate is one of my favorite things so I’m always looking to justify my healthy appetite for sweets with my quest to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Eco18’s Sue Taggart has written much about…

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2013 Summer Fancy Food Show: Our Top 18 Picks!

Gourmet chocolates, delicious cheese, smoked meat and sweet jam–the list of delicious foods at the Summer Fancy Food Show was endless! We visited countless booths at the country’s largest Specialty Food & Beverage…


Eco18 Anniversary Giveaway: Parent and Child

The month of July marks our two-year anniversary—we know, we can’t believe how quickly time flies either! We have enjoyed this time connecting with readers by sharing a variety of articles that we…


Kale-Off: Battle of the Best Brands

If you have tried kale chips, you’ve realized that they are delicious, addictive and really quite healthy. Thin and glazed with delicious seasonings, they are not only snack worthy, but loaded for good-for-you ingredients….


Giveaway: On the 7th Day of Christmas

This holiday season we are celebrating with a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! From December 10 – 21, be sure to check eco18.com, as well as our Facebook and Twitter to see what the giveaway of the…

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