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Sustainability: What Does It Mean

  When something becomes trendy, we often get caught in using catchwords or phrases that at times we really do not know the true meaning of them or what they signify. Although not…

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Consume Less Meat, Reduce Global Warming?

    Suggesting the lifestyle change to become a vegetarian may be a little drastic to some, but reducing your meat intake can help the environment by reducing the effects of global warming….


Today is National Nut Day… and at Eco18, We’re Nuts for Nuts!

In honor of National Nut Day, we are celebrating almonds, a natural fit for any healthy diet! Not only does each ounce of almonds pack 6 grams of hunger-fighting protein and 4 grams of…


GMO Field Trials: Contamination Concerns

In August, representatives from over 150 farm and food groups met with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack. Wheat farmers, plant breeders, seed companies, and agriculture nonprofits called for better oversight…


Picking a University With The Environment in Mind

Picking a collage to attend is an arduous and at times confusing task. A student and parents want to choose the right collage or university that will benefit the student in his or…


GMOs, A Global Debate: Brazil, Second Largest GMO Producer in World

RIO DE JANEIRO—Brazil is the second largest producer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the world, behind only the United States. Brazil has about 37 million hectares (92 million acres) of land planted…


A Greener Way to Food Shop

Grocery shopping has become part of everyone’s daily lives whether you have to go to the local grocery store or supermarket to get that replacement container of milk or do a full shopping…

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Ten Superfoods To Incorporate Into Your Diet

Superfoods. The name itself carries so much hype and many nutritionists can’t stand it. The concept, however, has the best of intentions. Essentially, superfood is used to describe food with a particularly high…


What You Will Be Eating In 2013

Here we are at the cusp of a new year and we all are wondering what this year will bring. 2013 might be a little disheartening for those that are superstitious, but lets…

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Control Snack Cravings with 5 Smart Snacks that Leave You Satisfied

Control Snack Cravings with 5 Smart Snacks that Leave You Satisfied Here at Eco18, we’re all about snacks! A couple weeks ago, we were lucky enough to find the holy grail of all…

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