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How to be an Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

You may be going green, but is your pup? In honor of National Dog Day, here’s 10 ways for you to become a more eco-friendly dog owner. 1. Make your own doggy treats…

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Tick Talk: Enjoy Summer Outings and Prevent Lyme Infection

  Lyme disease – named after the village it was first diagnosed in- takes about 300,000 new victims annually in the United States alone. The epidemic number is almost ten times as high…


In the Wake of the Chinese Pet Jerky Investigation, Pet Nutrition Expert Anthony Bennie Offers Tips for Concerned Pet Owners

Pet owners across the country are worried over the recent news about jerky pet treats made and sourced in China causing over 3,600 dogs and cats to become ill, of which 580 have…


October Pet of the Month: Bettyboo

Name: Bettyboo Breed: Mutt, Portuguese Waterdog (3/4) + Beagle (1/4). Bettyboo was a “lab rat” at the University of Pennsylvania’s breeding program where they were crossbreeding beagles with Portuguese water dogs to isolate the…


June Pet of the Month: Chowder

  After many months of searching and signing up for rescue groups, we found Chowder online at the NYC ASPCA. We had a good feeling that we could give Chowder a forever home….


May Pet of the Month: Penny

Penny is an eccentric and super friendly English bulldog. She loves constant affection and attention, and doesn’t understand why everyone that walks by her doesn’t give her a big hug (I don’t really…


March Pet of the Month: Tater

Tater is a 3 year old Puggle that we recently adopted from Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue Inc. in Ozone Park, NY. As soon as we saw his photo on PetFinder.com we knew we…


Pet of the Month: Charley

Name: Charley Breed: Beagle / Dachshund Age: 4 years 5 months Size: 17 pounds Diet: Blue brand dog food.  Open bowl can eats when he wants, however, he only eats when people are around him/home with him….


Pet of the Month: Mandi

Pet of the Month: Mandi Mandi is our lemon beagle. She’s called a “lemon” beagle because of her light and freckled coloring. It’s quite fitting for her gentle, playful and precocious disposition. We…


Pet of the Month: Momo

Pet of the Month: Momo This month’s Pet of the Month is Momo, a 2-year-old pug that is the inspiration behind the eco-friendly and designer pet bed company, P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You)….

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