Giveaway: On the 12th Day of Christmas

This holiday season we are celebrating with a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! From December 10 – 21, be sure to check, as well as our Facebook and Twitter to see what the giveaway of the day is, as well as how to enter.

On the twelveth day of Christmas we are offering you delicious, healthy chocolate that you can feel good about eating! A gourmet chocolate collection sweetened with a healthy extract of the Stevia plant instead of sugar. Coco Polo has crafted unique flavor combinations into silky smooth chocolate bars that awaken your taste buds in a way only the finest quality chocolate can. Twelve bars of decant delight awaits you: 70% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Elderberry, 70% Dark Cherry, 70% Coco Nibs, 70% Dark Almond, 70% Dark Ginger, 30% Milk Chocolate, 39% Milk Almond, 39% Milk Cherry, 38% Milk Elderberry, 39% Milk Hazelnut, 30% Milk Mango.

You can enter to win all 12 bars by commenting below to tell us which flavor sounds the most delicious to you!

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  1. milk hazelnut sounds the most delicious!!!!!

  2. Milk Almond

  3. milk chocolate is my favorite!

  4. The milk cherry sounds so delicous! Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. 70% dark cherry sounds amazing! Thanks!!! Merry Christmas

  6. chocolate elderberry for it’s added antiviral qualities!

  7. milk chocolate is my standard.

  8. dark ginger. mmmmm

  9. Dark ginger sounds amazing!!!! Warms my tummy!!

  10. Milk Chocolate

  11. Milk Cherry

  12. Dark Chocolate

  13. The milk mango sounds very interesting!

  14. 39% Milk Hazelnut

  15. 70% Dark Almond- yum!

  16. My favourite is 30% Milk Chocolate but I think the 30% Milk Mango sounds divine! :)

  17. How could you go wrong with any of those flavor choices? The dark elderberry and the milk mango both sound doubly delicious!

  18. Milk Mango :D

  19. Dark Elderberry sounds great!

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