Festive Homemade Chocolates with Lime

First pop what you want to appear on the top of your chocolate into the bottom of your mould. When it is turned out, it will be on top. (MatteoCozzi/Photos.com)

Since I was at home dyeing my curtains and making the place over for Christmas (see “Give Your Home a Festive Makeover“), I made some easy-peasy super delicious homemade Christmas chocolates. I used three different kinds of chocolate and lovely fragrant lime zest to make them festive special.

This is how:
Melt equal parts of dark, milk, and white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water until they run together forming a marbling of the three different colours. Do not over-mix or the marbled effect will be lost. Also do not allow the bottom of the bowl to touch the bottom of the pan or the chocolate will burn and over-thicken. I can recommend supermarket own-brand chocolate, which is only about 30 pence per bar and upto 50 per cent cocoa solids (dark version). Use higher grade chocolate according to taste and budget.

Prepare a variety of silicone mini chocolate moulds by zesting one or two fresh limes until there is a thin coat of zest over the bottom of each mould. Carefully fill the moulds by spooning in the melted chocolate on top of the lime zest. The chocolate will find its own level with a little guidance from a warm knife.

Place moulds on a flat tray and put into the fridge for an hour.

Remove from moulds and share with a cup of tea on a vintage doily-lined saucer while dressing the Christmas tree with loved ones on a Sunday afternoon in early December.

Alternatively pack between layers of baking parchment in airtight tins until Christmas and give as gift-wrapped presents in cellophane, tied with ribbons and bows.

Silicone chocolate moulds come in all shapes from hearts and roses to diamonds and cartoon characters. If you know the recipient likes walnuts or almonds or Maltesers, you can pop one in the bottom of the mould before pouring the chocolate in. When its turned out the favourite nut or sweet will be on top.

Or you can line the mould with chocolate, let it cool then fill it with a truffle mixture made from the same chocolate mixture but with a little cream beaten in. Decorate the top if desired with crushed confection of your choice or leave plain and dust lightly with cocoa powder. Then refrigerate again for an hour. Remove from moulds and serve like mini cupcakes.

Orange zest and teddy bear moulds can be used for children’s chocolates with the dark chocolate omitted or swapped for strawberry flavoured chocolate.


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