Jennifer Azzariti
Contributor, Mom

The mother of two young children, a PR executive and then a pharmaceutical sales rep, Jennifer had an ah-ha moment and put her professional career on hold shortly before the birth of her daughter.  Shifting her focus to being a stay-at-home mom, Jennifer’s communication and research talents could not be suppressed. She has been successfully transforming her family’s lifestyle into a greener one and helping other moms take “green baby steps” too. Raised in Central New York, Jennifer now calls Long Island her home, but still holds true to many of the ideals instilled upon her growing up in a more rural area. You can contact her at

Natalie Rebuck

Natalie is the blogger behind, a fashion blog dedicated to vintage and upcycled clothing. Exquisitus is Latin for sought after, exquisite, excellent, fine, delicate–all of which she tries to portray in her style and her manner of selecting her wardrobe. Originally from Indiana, Natalie moved to New York City to start her career in architecture. With her architecture and design background, fashion was naturally something Natalie is drawn to as it gives her inspiration for everyday life and work. As a LEED certified architect at Kliment & Halsband Architects and vintage clothing-aficianado, Natalie has taken a particular interest in sustainable fashion, design and architecture. You can contact her at

Trish Weese

Trish never gave much thought to being green or healthy living prior to becoming a mom. With the birth of her daughter Allison, aka Doddlebug (and if she has her way, PRINCESS Doodlebug), came a whole new awareness of food, and how critical establishing healthy eating habits in the early years is. Now a single mom working full-time, she is committed to finding QUICK and FUN ways to ensure Allison eats a healthy diet, while mom maintains her sanity. A baker at heart, Trish believes in balance too, and believes it’s okay to indulge once in a while. You can contact her at

Randi Zinn

When Randi Zinn found yoga, she found the fusion of physical movement and spiritual connection, something she always felt inside, but had never been able to articulate.
Randi completed the Vinyasa Teacher Certification through Laughing Lotus Yoga Center and a Restorative Yoga Certification with Judith Hanson-Lasater, currently teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings in New York City. Randi gardens, travels, and along with her husband, owns a boutique firm specializing in strategy, design, and “conscious investments.” She allows the different facets of her life to move into the perspective of her writing, inspiring readers to find beauty and growth each and every turn of their lives.

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