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Biodynamic Organic Farming- What is it?

Organic, pesticide free, GMO free and parabens. These are some common terms heard, or seen on a day-to-day basis, but what about the term “biodynamic organic farming”? It sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?…

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Farms Of Today And The Future

Today’s farms, like most other businesses, are experiencing ever increasing costs like never before. Be them small family owned farms or large ones, farm management is an ever increasing challenge in preserving profitability from…


The Rodale Institute—Organic Pioneer’s since 1947

The Rodale Institute’s Motto, Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People, was first chalked on a blackboard by organic pioneer J.I. Rodale in 1947. Even then, J.I. understood that in order to…


What Is A Tomtato?

We recently came across a remarkable discovery. The Tomtato. It’s been developed by British horticulture company Thompson and Morgan and it’s literally a tomato plant with roots that produce potatoes. Photo proof: The plants are…


Rodale Institute 2013 – Organic Pioneer Awards

On Friday September 13th, we were delighted to be on the magnificent Rodale Institute farm in Kutztown, PA to honor the three winners of the Rodale Organic Pioneer Awards. The Rodale Institute was…


Llama Llama Ding-Dung

Now who would have thought that the humble llama was the savior of the Andean civilization? Well, it just might be true. It seems in studying the region around Machu Picchu in Peru,…

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Healthy Soil makes for Healthy Plants makes for Healthy People

Healthy Soil makes for Healthy Plants makes for Healthy People Nutrition begins at the source. When Bob bites into a peach today he can taste the evolution of agriculture in America – on…

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FRESH: The Movie

FRESH: The Movie For those that have read any Michael Pollan books or seen the documentary Food, Inc., you might recall a farmer by the name of Joel Salatin. He runs Polyface Farms…

Farmers' Market

Farmers’ Markets Build Community and Grow Local Economies

Farmers’ Markets Build Community and Grow Local Economies You may think of Farmers’ Markets as places to get fresh local, organic and sustainable foods and you would be right, but they are so…

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