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Gentleman, Start Your Engines…Quietly

Channel surfing the other day I was very surprised to find a new sport that is very green in relation to the environment. Well it’s not really a new sport but rather a…

Don’t Stop for Red Traffic Lights, Use Green-Wave Technology

Red traffic lights are a cumbersome business. It takes effort to gear down and back up again, not to mention the environmental cost of increased carbon emissions every time you get going again….

Image via The Open Road Gayle Nicholson flickr/cc license

Green Cars for 2014

If you have bee looking at TV lately you might have notices and inordinante amount of commercials for automobiles. All the car companies are trying to sell off their 2013 leftovers to make…


Green Your Morning Commute with Citi Bikes

In September 2011, we were excited to learn that New York City was going to be inducting a bike share program, much like other cities have already done including Boston, Denver and Portland….


Up Up And Away On Solar Power

  Last month, in June, New York City was visited by the first world largest all solar powered boat, the MS Turanor PlanetSolar, from Switzerland on its exploratory voyage to gather data along…


It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Boat!

  A most unusual vessel arrived in the New York City harbor the other day that turned the heads of many along the shores of the Hudson River as it sailed up river…


Grand Centennial Parade of Trains at Grand Central Station

  Trains used to be much more than for commuting from one place to the next. They were a way to travel in style at least back in the heyday of train travel….

Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons,  Infrogmation of New Orleans

We Went to the New York Auto Show to Find Our Dream Car

Spring has arrived in New York City although many think that Mother Nature has not received the memo since we have had snowstorms and below average temperatures days into the Vernal Equinox. But…

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Riding Along In My Automobile

The big push for car companies now a days is touting their energy efficient products whether they be hybrid, all electric or increased gas mileage for their regular models. All well and good…

Chris Petrie flickr/ CC license

Hollywood Stars and their Eco-Friendly Cars

Here at eco18, we love when celebrities pave the way for environmentally conscious trends- literally! Hollywood’s gone hybrid with stars like Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson and Cameron Diaz driving down Sunset in their…

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