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Sustainable Seafood…. Why you should be supporting and eating it!

  Our oceans are increasingly affected by human activities—primarily the ways we catch and farm seafood. Today, fish and other populations of ocean wildlife, from turtles to seabirds, are imperiled. But, there is…

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What Is the Problem With Our Oceans?

Have you been to the beach lately? Maybe you have noticed a few cans, some plastic bottles, and maybe some other debris and thought “it doesn’t matter, it’s just a few pieces.” The…

Great Barrier Reef

Satellite Technology to Help Ailing Great Barrier Reef

Satellite imagery is being used to help save Australia’s greatest natural wonder. Researchers at James Cook University have developed a new technique employing NASA satellite images to analyse the impact of flood plumes…

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NYC Marine Life Bolstered by Israeli Technology

NEW YORK—An Israeli company specialized in ecologically friendly solutions for coastal and marine infrastructure is making its mark on New York City. Tel Aviv-based ECOncrete is engaged in two waterfront projects in Brooklyn…

Celebrate International Surf Day!

As a powerful work of activism while having fun in the sun, the Surfrider Foundation is celebrating the 9th Annual International Surf Day (ISD) today, June 20th! This is a day we can…


Oceana wants you to be a Summer Hero

Oceana wants you to be a Summer Hero Summer is the season to celebrate the oceans’ beauty and bounty. This summer, do more than just celebrate. Be an ocean hero. It’s a really easy…

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