Carbon Footprint
Nicholas A. Tonelli

Sustainability: What Does It Mean

  When something becomes trendy, we often get caught in using catchwords or phrases that at times we really do not know the true meaning of them or what they signify. Although not…


Fall Activities for the Whole Family

  As sad as it is to see summer come to an end, there are plenty of fun things to look forward to in the fall season ahead. The changing leaves, crisp autumn…


Green Your Morning Commute with Citi Bikes

In September 2011, we were excited to learn that New York City was going to be inducting a bike share program, much like other cities have already done including Boston, Denver and Portland….


Your Carbon Foot Print: Reduce CO2

It’s time to stop associating energy efficiency with inconvenience, and start making it a priority, and making it our responsibility. Don’t groan, just read. Just like our health, our family, and our jobs,…


The Greening of Food Packaging

According to an article in the Packaging Digest, there seems to be a new development in the material that is used in food packaging. It seems that the Department of Science and Technology-Industrial…


A Greener Way to Food Shop

Grocery shopping has become part of everyone’s daily lives whether you have to go to the local grocery store or supermarket to get that replacement container of milk or do a full shopping…

Image credit: Michal Osmenda from Brussels, Belgium

The Green Vatican

We have all witnessed the unprecedented election of a new Pope last week, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 266th pontiff taking the name Pope Francis, after St. Francis of…


Did You Hear That? Coal Being Discussed As Possible Energy Source

In watching the first presidential debates the other evening, one thing that was said, and almost in passing during the topic of energy and how it affects our economy and way of life…

Image Courtesy of AtomicPope Flickr/cc

Hollywood Is Ready For Its Close-up

Hollywood Is Ready For Its Close-up The movie industry has certainly given the public great entertainment with blockbusters coming out almost every other week.  With the advanced use of computerization, the popularity of…


Global Warming Misconceptions

Global Warming Misconceptions All too often, when one hears the term “global warming” they envision the disastrous manipulation of global climate by the human race, or some far-fetched hoax invented by wild environmentalists….

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