West African Lions Facing Threat of Possible Extinction

  Many species are at threat for a possible extinction, but one species in particular that is at high risk is the West African Lion population. According to The ICUN Red List of Threatened…


The Beautiful Elephant

The largest land mammal is the majestic elephant. These creatures roamed in their natural habitats by the millions.  But during the modern era their numbers have dramatically diminished to an estimated 450,000 to…


Who’s Your Daddy?

Recently the National Zoo near Washington, D.C. had a new arrival to its population. The Giant Panda, Mei Xiang gave birth to a bouncing baby 4.8 ounce, well the zoo officials don’t know,…


How to Survive a Bear Encounter

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the woods this summer, it’s always good to brush up on a few safety tips. Even though bear attacks are rare in North…


Bees: Love Them or Hate Them,You Need Them

A relatively unknown crisis that affects certain crops and consequently our food supply is getting worse now and within the next few years. And this crisis is related to the diminishing population of…

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