March Pet of the Month: Harvey

Name:  Harvey Parents:  Amy & Steve Sexton Breed:  Havanese Age:  14 weeks Size:  4-1/2 pounds Diet:  Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy but the vet says at 6 months I can start having the homemade dog food my brothers get to…

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Can’t Bear to See Them Go

One of the youngest of the bear species and the largest carnivorous land mammal on Earth, is the Polar Bear. Males can weight up to 1700 pounds and measure 7 to 8 feet…

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Showing the Love to Homeless Animals

Are you a dog owner or a cat owner? Or are you one of those brave souls that own both? Perhaps you’re more of the goldfish type…? Regardless, today is National Love Your…


Pet of the Month – Parker

Name: Parker Lasch-Goll Parents: Courtney Lasch and James Goll Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Age:  3 years old Size: 42 lbs Diet: Taste of the Wild Salmon Dog Food (Grain-free) Funny Habit: As a trained and…

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6 Amazing Stories of Children Raised by Animals

1. Girls Raised by Wolves in India In 1920, Kamala, 8 years old, and Amala, 18 months old, were found in a wolves’ den in Midnapore, India. The case was documented by Rev….

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Walking on Eggshells

According to the Poultry Industry Council, 97 percent of an eggshell consists of calcium carbonate, and only 40 percent of calcium carbonate is actually calcium. Laying hens require three to four times the…

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Poaching May Lead to the African Rhino’s Extinction in the Near Future

  Rhinos are big, beautiful creators that are some of the oldest land mammals in the world. There are two species of rhino in Africa – the white rhino which resides mostly in…


West African Lions Facing Threat of Possible Extinction

  Many species are at threat for a possible extinction, but one species in particular that is at high risk is the West African Lion population. According to The ICUN Red List of Threatened…


The Beautiful Elephant

The largest land mammal is the majestic elephant. These creatures roamed in their natural habitats by the millions.  But during the modern era their numbers have dramatically diminished to an estimated 450,000 to…


Who’s Your Daddy?

Recently the National Zoo near Washington, D.C. had a new arrival to its population. The Giant Panda, Mei Xiang gave birth to a bouncing baby 4.8 ounce, well the zoo officials don’t know,…

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