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The Environmental Media Association Awards

The Environmental Media Association Awards took place last Saturday, October 18, at the Warner Brothers Burbank Studio. The event marked the 25th anniversary of the organization’s inception and was hosted by Marc Malkin…

Australian Seabird Indicative of the Prescence of Plastics

Australian Scientists Find Plastic’s Toxic Footprint at Molecular Level

SYDNEY—California has become the newest region to ban lightweight plastic bags, joining four states and territories in Australia in restricting the use of disposable plastics. The move comes as Australian researchers study the…

Cattelya orchid with 3 Brazilian hummingbirds. A painting of the Amazon rain forest by Martin Johnson Heade (1871)

The Amazon

All over the world there are eco-systems that are homes to a wide number of animal and flora species but none are as vast and as versatile as the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Although…

Coal Mine in Wyoming

Turnout for Climate Change in NY Shatters Prediction

Around 570,000 people took part in marches around the world yesterday calling for action on climate change. By far the largest event was in New York City, which had been dubbed the biggest…

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10 Tips On How to Monitor Your Water

In lieu of National Water Monitoring Day last week, it’s time to learn how you, your friends, and your family can easily find ways to conserve more water in your household! 1. Don’t…


Fall Equinox 2014: Time, Date, and Definition for Autumnal Equinox

The September Equinox, also known as the Autumnal or Autumn Equinox, is set to take place later this month. The date will actually be different depending on where you are, the National Weather…

Plant Specialist Dustin McMahon pollinates genetically modified corn plants at Monsanto headquarters in St Louis, Mo., May 21, 2009. Monsanto developed Roundup and Roundup-resistant crops, but weeds developed resistance to Roundup. (Brent Stirton/Getty Images.)

Superweeds and the Chemical Dependency of American Farmers

Weeds are an age-old obstacle for farmers, but when chemical and seed giant Monsanto first introduced glyphosate (better known as Roundup), it seemed like the struggle was finally over. Today, however, over 60…


New Findings on How Plants ‘Talk’ to Each Other: Virginia Tech Scientist

Two plants can communicate with each other by swapping messenger molecules, according to new findings by a Virginia Tech scientist. Jim Westwood, a professor of plant pathology, physiology, and weed science, at Virginia…

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Original Unpackaged: A New Package-Free Shopping Experience

OK. We all know plastic is bad for us, for the planet… our children’s future. But it’s everywhere—total invasion. Yes, I carry my own canvas bag when I go shopping, I drink water from my…

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6 Amazing Stories of Children Raised by Animals

1. Girls Raised by Wolves in India In 1920, Kamala, 8 years old, and Amala, 18 months old, were found in a wolves’ den in Midnapore, India. The case was documented by Rev….

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