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6 Amazing Stories of Children Raised by Animals

1. Girls Raised by Wolves in India In 1920, Kamala, 8 years old, and Amala, 18 months old, were found in a wolves’ den in Midnapore, India. The case was documented by Rev….

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US Dependence on Corn Could Reach Popping Point: A look at the red-clover solution

File Credit: Corn is huge business in the United States, but can it last? If soil depletion has the same negative impact on the U.S. industry as it has had elsewhere, it…

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Sustainable Seafood…. Why you should be supporting and eating it!

  Our oceans are increasingly affected by human activities—primarily the ways we catch and farm seafood. Today, fish and other populations of ocean wildlife, from turtles to seabirds, are imperiled. But, there is…

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Walking on Eggshells

According to the Poultry Industry Council, 97 percent of an eggshell consists of calcium carbonate, and only 40 percent of calcium carbonate is actually calcium. Laying hens require three to four times the…

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What Is the Problem With Our Oceans?

Have you been to the beach lately? Maybe you have noticed a few cans, some plastic bottles, and maybe some other debris and thought “it doesn’t matter, it’s just a few pieces.” The…

Dr Jennifer Lavers with a flesh-footed shearwater on Lord Howe Island, 2014. Her molecular research has identified the pervasive nature of plastic which does not break down naturally in oceans but increases in toxicity, impacting marine and bird life in unseen and dangerous ways. (Silke Stuckenbrock)

Toxic Effects of Ocean Plastic Far Greater Than Previously Thought

SYDNEY – When dead seabirds washed up in their thousands along the eastern and southern seaboards of Australia last year, biologist Dr Jennifer Lavers became worried, very worried. A research fellow at the…, dulhunk

Defend Yourself, Naturally

Now that the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone heralding the unofficial start of summer, its time to start planning all of the activities that you will be doing during these coming…

A mother sperm whale and her calf off the coast of Mauritius. (Gabriel Barathieu/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)

How Whale Feces Help You Breathe

Half of the world’s oxygen is provided by phytoplankton, an aquatic organism that functions as a carbon sink and whose name means “wandering plants” in Greek. All fish depend on phytoplankton, whether directly…

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Poaching May Lead to the African Rhino’s Extinction in the Near Future

  Rhinos are big, beautiful creators that are some of the oldest land mammals in the world. There are two species of rhino in Africa – the white rhino which resides mostly in…

Don’t Stop for Red Traffic Lights, Use Green-Wave Technology

Red traffic lights are a cumbersome business. It takes effort to gear down and back up again, not to mention the environmental cost of increased carbon emissions every time you get going again….

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