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A New Generation of Supplements

There is a growing trend among supplement brands to begin creating products that specifically target millennials. As a millennial myself, I am noticing first hand that their has been a shift in the…


Blueberries for Severe Trauma

Nutrition researchers have been big on exotic berries lately. That’s because camu camu, sea buckthorn, acai, goji, maqui, and other foreign fruits have demonstrated a remarkable ability to slow signs of aging and…


The Good and Bad of Xylitol

Nothing exemplifies the promise of having your cake and eating it too quite like sugar substitutes. All the problems associated with sugar (addictive, empty calories that can lead to diabetes, obesity, candida, and tooth decay)…


Nutrition Trends 2015

We have been scouring the headlines to bring you some of the top nutrition trends for 2015. Some of them are new, while some are old favorites that are finally breaking through and…


Fuel Your Day

Working out and eating well go hand in hand. Putting in your time at the gym or on the track is great but anyone with a six pack or ripped biceps will tell…

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Here’s How You Can Feel #Flawless in 22 Days

When queen B is not busy running the world she is launching her new 22 Days Nutrition plant- based home delivery meal service. Beyonce recently teamed up with her personal trainer, Marco Borges…


The Presence of Protein

What is a protein? A protein is a molecule in food that can be broken down into amino acids.   Why do I need it? Protein is a big deal for your body….

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Navigating the School Cafeteria: Turn Left for Broccoli

Going to college is a transition in every aspect. First comes the transition to school. This consists of longer classes, harder homework and heavier textbooks. Then comes the transition to real life. This…


How to Read the Nutrition Label

The Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, Maryland, has redesigned the familiar nutrition panel on food containers, but these products will not be in stores for several years.  The Agency is collecting comments…


A Super Food a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? While an apple a day is good as well, let’s start a new trend. How about trying a new…

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