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10 Secret Smoothie Ingredients!

Smoothies are a quick, easy and delicious way to give your body the nutrients that it needs to get through the day. Whether you like blending up a healthy breakfast smoothie or a…

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Red White and Blue..Superfoods!

Happy Independence Day! Let’s celebrate today by showing our patriotism, and our eco-friendliness! To go along with today’s theme check out these awesome red, white and blue super foods. Red Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain…

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Is Coffee Good or Bad?

As someone who has been reluctant to commit to caffeine addiction, powering through rough mornings and struggling to stay alert has always felt like a normal struggle for me. But lately, on early…

Bananas Under Attack: Organic Recovery From Clone Wars

Most bananas we eat are clones grown in large plantations. Disease thrives under these conditions, however, and some of the tastiest and easiest-to-export bananas are at the highest risk. A family of banana…

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The Great Sugary Drinks Divide

Soda taxes and soda size restrictions are not the way to combat the obesity epidemic, according to a new study by health policy and communications experts. The majority of the Americans they surveyed…


Think About What You Eat …Think Nutrition

At the end of 2013, Today’s Dietitian released a survey where over 500 dietitians predicted this year’s nutrition trends. Gluten-free topped the list. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support a wheat-free…

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Nutrition For Dummies: An A-Z Guide On Dietary & Nutritional Terms

With the coming of the new year, comes healthy eating and exercise plans, and let’s be honest, kick-starting your ‘healthy eating plan’ is more than just stocking your fridge with fruits and vegetables….


18 Health Resolutions for 2014

We all think about New Year Resolutions. But if you really want to make some changes, the key is to pick resolutions that you will stick with. We checked out numerous healthy sites…


5 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

 Let’s face it, you love the holidays and your time spent with the family, but this time of year can be very stressful! Between putting up decorations, braving the crowds at the mall…


Good Eating Habits Must Start Young to Avoid Obesity, Says UK Research

Youngsters with poor eating habits are more likely to continue with unhealthy diets as teenagers, increasing their risk of obesity, according to new British research. Researchers found that children may establish eating patterns…

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