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Little Changes, Big Moves: An EcoFit Summer!

Have you ever experienced what I like to call, “rundom?” That feeling you get on your fourth run of the week when you feel like the first half mile was actually six? Don’t…

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Hitting the Gym…Outside?

It’s summertime and for most of us that means being outside in the nice weather! Why be stuck inside working out when there is plenty to do outside. While walking the Hudson River…


What to “Sweat” About in Hot Yoga

File Credit: It’s safe to say that yoga has swept the nation. There are a huge amount of classes offered all around the world. Bikram, ananda, hatha, and hot yoga are just…

The Most Zen Way To Start Your Day

Your typical morning includes hitting snooze two or three times, gulping a tall, steaming mug of caffeine before running out of the house, and slogging through an exhausting commute only so you can…


Fun Ways to Squeeze in Your Workout This Summer

With the temperatures warming up, we’re all starting to get the itch to get outside and enjoy the nice weather! The change of season is getting people re-inspired to get active to get…

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12 Tips for Running your First Race

  It’s the night before your first race and you’re lying in bed trying to figure out what exactly possessed you all those months ago (when you were sitting comfortably on your couch…

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10 Tips to Beat The Winter Blahs!

From feeling down after the excitement of the holidays to more serious Seasonal Affective Disorder, most of us feel the winter blues from time to time. We don’t have our usual energy or…

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5 Ways to Nix Flaking Out on Your New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s January 2nd–fairly indifferent from any other Thursday besides the fact it is now 2014. I’m headed to New York Sports Club for my weekly “Total Body Sculpt” class with Todd the Trainer….


Don’t Freeze Your Workout This Winter

It’s that time of year again–the temperature is dropping and so is the motivation to stay active. The cold months prove to be a bit more challenging for getting in a workout, and…

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How To Squeeze In A Workout

We all have weeks where it’s particularly hard to take the time to work out. But that really shouldn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a workout at all – no matter how small….

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