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The Oil of the Future

It’s a given that the Earth contains a finite amount of natural resources that we use to power our increasingly energy-dependent lives. Scientists are constantly researching forms of renewable, clean and efficient methods…

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Go Fly A Kite

Flying a kite is one of the few things that does not use up any form of energy (except your own) to enjoy.  There is that initial run to get the kite airborne…

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Riding Along In My Automobile

The big push for car companies now a days is touting their energy efficient products whether they be hybrid, all electric or increased gas mileage for their regular models. All well and good…

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Hollywood Stars and their Eco-Friendly Cars

Here at eco18, we love when celebrities pave the way for environmentally conscious trends- literally! Hollywood’s gone hybrid with stars like Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson and Cameron Diaz driving down Sunset in their…


Did You Hear That? Coal Being Discussed As Possible Energy Source

In watching the first presidential debates the other evening, one thing that was said, and almost in passing during the topic of energy and how it affects our economy and way of life…

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Hollywood Is Ready For Its Close-up

Hollywood Is Ready For Its Close-up The movie industry has certainly given the public great entertainment with blockbusters coming out almost every other week.  With the advanced use of computerization, the popularity of…


Global Warming Misconceptions

Global Warming Misconceptions All too often, when one hears the term “global warming” they envision the disastrous manipulation of global climate by the human race, or some far-fetched hoax invented by wild environmentalists….


Biofuels May Emit More Greenhouse Gases Than Thought

Biofuels May Emit More Greenhouse Gases Than Thought The environmental benefits of biofuels over fossil fuels may be overestimated, due to problems in the way greenhouse gas emissions are calculated, say two scientists….

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Understanding Hydrofracking

 Understanding Hydrofracking Perhaps you’ve just heard of the term “Hydrofracking” and you were curious what it actually means, or maybe you’re already familiar with it and want to better understand the controversy surrounding…


Green is the new Red for firehouses

Green is the new Red for firehouses We all appreciate how important our local firehouse is but we never want a visit from its firemen, no matter how good looking he/she is, at…

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