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A Sneak Peek into an NYC Rooftop Farm

It’s no secret – New York City is a pretty crowded place.  There’s not exactly a lot of room for construction, so people have had to get a little bit creative in searching…


NYC Frida Kahlo Botanical Garden

I was looking for something to do for my mother’s birthday; I gave my sister a call to discuss the possibilities. After a quick conversation we decided we would surprise her with a…


Did You Know?

Did you know…. that at the venerable Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City there is a rooftop garden that houses a colony of beehives. The hotel’s culinary teams, who are trained beekeepers,…

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Pity the Fool

April Fools Day is celebrated in countries in Europe, Australia, Brazil, United States and Canada. Although not an official holiday in any country, it is observed by instigating pranks or practical jokes on…

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Eco18′s 18 Resolutions for 2015

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These New NYC School Bathrooms Will Save 4 Million Gallons of Water Daily by 2018

The 4,000 new, high-efficiency bathroom fixtures installed in 28 New York City public schools are as green as planting 400,000 trees and letting them grow for 10 years, according to the New York…

The Freedom Tower

9/11 – How Far We’ve Come


#GOGREEN: How College Students Are Going Green!

College students from all around are finding more and more ways to make the transformation to a greener lifestyle. Elon University, located in Elon, N.C., is big on sustainability and making sure that…

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Same old vacation? Think Outside…

Vacation time is here again so why not break out from the norm and head outdoors. Did you ever think about hiking and camping? Check out these three popular outdoor vacation spots! 1….

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6 Tips To Take To The Farmer’s Markets!

Whether you want to eat locally, are looking for fresh and in-season produce, or are just looking for something different to do over the weekend, you should make a visit to your local…

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