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Fruit Extracts That Are Beneficial For Skin & Hair

  To naturally help your hair and skin reach their full beauty potential, take a look at the ingredient labels on beauty products and look for natural fruit extracts that can do wonders….

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Love Your Body! – Interview With Plus Size Model, Kate Hislop

It’s no surprise that the fashion industry has been a driving force in the unreal expectations that we as women, have on body image. However over the past few years, I have come…

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G-Star Raw and Pharrell Williams Introduce RAW for the Oceans

We’ve just wrapped up Fashion Week here in New York, which means the last week has been full of runway shows and parties. As with any fashion week we always have our ear…

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The ‘Vegan & Natural’ Skincare Trend & Reasons To Get Behind It

It’s no secret that natural skincare is a popular trend these days. But a new growing trend that you might not have heard of in the beauty world, is the vegan beauty. In…

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Natural Remedies For Dry Winter Skin

Dry, itchy, flaky skin is a common problem for most people throughout the harsh, cold winter season. There are many natural ways and eco-friendly products that you can use to help keep your…

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Gwen Stefani Launches Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

Gwen Stefani, who became famous as the lead singer for No Doubt, has teamed up with Michael Glasser, a designer for 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, to create an 18-piece…

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Expert Tips for Winter-Weather Hair Care

Winter weather can wreak havoc on our hair in the form of frizz, tangles, and dryness. Hair restoration surgeon Dr. Robert Dorin explains why winter damages our hair and offers some simple tips…

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12 Skin Care Tips for Cold Weather

With the change in weather, our skin’s needs also change. Facing dry air and wind, lips become chapped. In the winter, skin becomes dry, not only on your face and hands, but also…


Eco-Friendly Outerwear 2013 – What’s Hot!

You see December’s first flurries falling out your window. You grab your old pea coat, gloves and scarf before leaving the house. You walk outside and that first gust of frosty wind nearly…


A Voice of Conscious Fashion

The urge to do good and the need to look good may not be easily reconcilable in the context of fashion trends and the provenance of one’s outfit of choice. VOZ (meaning voice)…

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