No Googling for Mom

When I sat down to compose this “Mother’s Day” article, the first thing I did was Google:  “The history of Mother’s Day”….”The first Mother’s Day”…. “How much the average Mother’s gift costs”…etc. My…

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April 22nd, 1970: The day I Started to Save the Earth

April 22, 1970 was the first celebrated Earth Day. Inspired by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, 20 million people worldwide–including myself–decided it was time the environment and the planet got some recognition and protection….


Flea is a Four-Letter Word

FLEA is a four-letter word. Actually it’s a five letter word….”fleas.” There’s never just one flea on your pet or in your home. Even though fleas are a year around pest in some…


January Pet of the Month: Norman

Name: Norman Breed:  Norwich Terrier Age: 12 years old Size:  16 lbs Diet:  Castor and Pollux Organix Cool Trick: Norman can eat with his mouth. Favorite Toy: By far Norman’s favorite toy is “Mr. Sockie.” When I…


Fetch. Roll over. Beg. Get me my slippers. Gooood chicken.

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