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Ancient Grains/Modern Chocolate

Chocolate is one of my favorite things so I’m always looking to justify my healthy appetite for sweets with my quest to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Eco18’s Sue Taggart has written much about…


Black Ivory Coffee-Elephant Espresso Anyone?

What’s the rarest, most ethical, sustainable and most expensive coffee? Well, I found it without having to go to the Maldives or Thailand to get this java jewel. The Black Ivory Coffee campaign…


DIY High Fashion Meets Punk

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my favorite places to visit and what I deem as the 8th Wonder of the NYC world. Unfortunately, the Costume Institute housed within its great walls is being…


Swimming With the Sharks to Get Green

Shark Tank, which airs on ABC and is in its third season offers budding entrepreneurs a way to kick-start their creative businesses or go to the next level to make their dreams come…


Much More Than A Garden

There are so many wonderful green spaces and places in NYC to enjoy, but the New York Botanical Gardens, established 100 years ago, is truly a National treasure. What I celebrated with so…


Grand Centennial Parade of Trains at Grand Central Station

  Trains used to be much more than for commuting from one place to the next. They were a way to travel in style at least back in the heyday of train travel….


Bed & Breakfasts: A Great Green Getaway

What better way to start the summer then to get away at a Bed and Breakfast. When choosing a get away for the weekend a B & B can transport you to an oasis in…

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Green Group Gatherings

There are many ways to continue your green education. Taking part in fun gatherings with others who are into learning more about healthy and eco friendly lifestyle is a great way to be…

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Earth Day 2013

The first Earth Day went down on April 22, 1970–you can read more about its history on the Earth Day Network. Being that this annual event is just around the corner, we wanted to let…


Before You Go On Vacation

When you’re preparing for vacation or business travel, it’s easy to get caught up in your to-do list and not give much thought to putting a greener spin on it. Here are some…

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