Liquid Solar Technology Could Be Next Gen of Renewable Energy

Look out solar panels, there’s a new “first of its kind” solar technology in town! Its makers said it’s engineered to outperform rooftop panels by 50-fold, and at a fraction of the cost….


Why hot days and alcohol don’t mix

It’s time for fun in the summer sun. But before your next festival, barbeque, or summer soiree, consider what health experts say about mixing alcohol with high temperatures. According to Dr. Josef Thundiyil,…


Eating Whole Grains Is Good for You—but What Exactly Is a Whole Grain?

What’s in a healthy diet? Today many people would agree that eating whole grains is part of a nutritious meal. After all, quinoa, teff, amaranth, and freekeh are some of the latest grains…


Americans Are More Bothered With Leaving the Lights on Than Wasting Food, Study Says

About 31 percent of the total food supply in the United States goes to waste, but most American consumers are unaware of how much food they’re wasting. In fact, they are likely wasting more…


Organic Farming More Profitable Than Conventional Farming, Study Finds

There’s good news for organic food lovers: Organic farming is more profitable than conventional farming, and thus should be sustainable for the years to come, according to a recently published study by Washington…


Bloodroot for Skin Cancer

Bloodroot has a long reputation for treating skin cancer, from Native American healers to 21st century dermatologists. Bloodroot is an herb native to the eastern United States. It is widely planted as an…


Blueberries for Severe Trauma

Nutrition researchers have been big on exotic berries lately. That’s because camu camu, sea buckthorn, acai, goji, maqui, and other foreign fruits have demonstrated a remarkable ability to slow signs of aging and…


The Good and Bad of Xylitol

Nothing exemplifies the promise of having your cake and eating it too quite like sugar substitutes. All the problems associated with sugar (addictive, empty calories that can lead to diabetes, obesity, candida, and tooth decay)…


The Magic of Matcha

If you haven’t already hopped onto the matcha train, you should consider getting onboard. Matcha is high in antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy levels, enhances calm, and helps detox the body….


5 Herbs for Bone Health

Bones need a proper balance of minerals. Anything that upsets this balance compromises bone health. ( The key to understanding bone health is understanding minerals. The primary mineral in your skeleton is calcium, but…

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