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Eating Your Way to Better Dental Health

File Credit: Epoch Times When his baby daughter developed tooth cavities, Ramiel Nagel was shocked. How could this happen when, as a health-conscious individual, he had given her the best start in life…

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Cut the Salt, but Not All of It

File Credit: Epoch Times NEW YORK—More than a quarter of New Yorkers have high blood pressure. Cutting back on salt is one of the key ways to manage this condition. New Yorkers The…

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10 Health Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

NEW YORK—Perfectly formed, gleaming teeth in neat and even rows: On television, everyone has them, and in real life, everyone admires them. Cosmetic reasons for getting teeth aligned are pretty self-evident, but did…

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Original Unpackaged: A New Package-Free Shopping Experience

OK. We all know plastic is bad for us, for the planet… our children’s future. But it’s everywhere—total invasion. Yes, I carry my own canvas bag when I go shopping, I drink water from my…

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Tick Talk: Enjoy Summer Outings and Prevent Lyme Infection

  Lyme disease – named after the village it was first diagnosed in- takes about 300,000 new victims annually in the United States alone. The epidemic number is almost ten times as high…

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Fast and Furious Road Etiquette for Green Drivers

Many fuel-saving tips advise driving slowly, but you should actually often drive fast to save fuel and minimize the impact on the environment.  Driving slowly works to save fuel on an individual level, but…

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6 Amazing Stories of Children Raised by Animals

1. Girls Raised by Wolves in India In 1920, Kamala, 8 years old, and Amala, 18 months old, were found in a wolves’ den in Midnapore, India. The case was documented by Rev….

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Clothes and Accessories that Protect Your Skin From the Summer Sun

The hot weather and beating summer sun mean light breezy fabrics. Bare arms and legs are now a common sight on sun drenched city streets—the stuff of dermatologists’ nightmares. Summer Kramer, founder of…

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US Dependence on Corn Could Reach Popping Point: A look at the red-clover solution

File Credit: Corn is huge business in the United States, but can it last? If soil depletion has the same negative impact on the U.S. industry as it has had elsewhere, it…

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How 8 Industries Have Swayed Science at the Expense of Public Health

It can take a lot of money to carry out a careful study. The influence of corporate funding has been known to leave a black eye on the good faith of the scientific…

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